Who We Are

An exceptionally unique peek into our heritage and history that defines care, compassion and empathy


The Federal Medical Center Makurdi, located in Benue State, Nigeria, has a long history that dates back to 1927, when it started as a small Railway Clinic. In the 1940s, the Catholic Mission took over the clinic and ran it until 1967, when the Government of Benue Plateau acquired it. The center became a federal institution in 1995.

The center initially operated on the site of the former General Hospital Makurdi, next to the Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Mission Ward. The Benue State Government also provided the Clerk Quarters and the House Officers’ Quarters, formerly known as assembly quarters, along Jonah Jang Crescent. To create more space for future expansion, the state government donated another site at Apir, with an area of 1220 by 2135 sqm.

The permanent site at Apir is not fully developed yet, but it already has some facilities, such as: Accident and Emergency Complex, Maternity Complex, Theatre, Laboratory Complex, Isolation Ward, Surgical Wards, Intensive Care Units, and Orthopedic Wards.

The hospital currently operates across many sites:

  1. Mission Ward (Main Centre)
  2. NHIS Clinic (Wadata)
  3. Dental and Psychiatric Clinic.
  4. Permanent Site (Apir)
  5. Federal Secretariat
  6. Efekwo Outstation (Ogbadibo LG)
  7. Tongo Outstation (Konshisha LG)
  8. Ikpa Outstation (Gboko LG)
  9. Mbamtsa Outstation (Katsina- Ala LG)

Over the years the following people have had the opportunity to lead the hospital.

    1. Dr. Samuel Tor Agbidye   1995-1999
    2. Dr. King David Terna Yawe   1999-2003
    3. Dr. O.O. Dokumu    2003-2008
    4. Dr, Mathias Oyigeya     2008-20014
    5. Dr. Peteru Msuega Inundugh    2015-2023
    6. Prof. Namgwa Joseph Kortor    2023-Till Date