Dr. Peteru M'suega Inunduh

Medical Director
B.BS, FWACS, FICS, FCAI, FSCa. Cert in Palliative Care (IHPCA Uganda)

On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi, I feel delighted to welcome all our visitors, patients and prospective partners or collaborators in promoting healthcare services to the Hospital’s website.

There is a popular adage that “health is wealth”. Indeed, every nation relies on an effective framework for enhanced quality healthcare delivery for her citizens. Every creation or manufactured equipment needs maintenance, thus, the establishment of Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi is therefore a direct response to the challenge of having a maintenance facility for humans who are a creation of God in his own image and likeness.

Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi as a health facility offers a range of healthcare services in various specialties structured in Department liberalizes access to new health technologies through an integrated approach to research and training.

I am also particularly proud of the quality of healthcare services rendered by this Hospital. It is the aim of this Hospital to implement the vision and mission statement which is to reduce morbidity and mortality among the people in Benue State and its environs through provision of qualitative, accessible and affordable healthcare services, research and training. We have also increased access by establishing outstations in the three geo-political zones of Benue State.

Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi is ready to welcome partners around the globe to participate in the promotion and provision of Healthcare services to people in Benue State. We also partner with tertiary academic institutions in training and research. Through regular visits to our website, you will find more information on our programmes, activities and services and also more areas of collaboration and innovations.

Thank you.


MB.BS, FWACS, FICS, FCAI, FSCa. Cert in Palliative Care (IHPCA Uganda)

Medical Director